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 Cheat Engine Tutorial

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PostSubject: Cheat Engine Tutorial   Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:06 pm

Cheat Engine Tutorial
1st Bring up the game you want to hack, in my case Build-A-Lot 1.

Next Bring up CE and select your prosses

Now Hack the value you want, im sure you know how?
EDIT:If you dont know how to hack the value got to the very bottom of this TUT.

Now Go to the bottom left of CE and click Advaced Options

Now click on the clipbord

Make sure that the Options say Create New Trainer and To modify data

Now follow The Numbers:
1A:What The Hack Does
1B:What it's HotKey Is
2A:The Icon That Represents Your Trainer
2B:Your Trainer's Name
2C:What File The Trainer Will Open When They Launch It
2D:The Process The Trainer Will Be Hacking
2F:Prevent The Trainer From Being Opend After Finish
2G:The Trainers Info that Will Open When The About Button Is Pressed
3A:Pick An Entry and Delete It
3B:Click To Bring Up The Add Entry Page
4:Click To Make Trainer (Wait till End Of TUT)
Click Add Entry To Advance

1A:Click To Bring Up Add Adrress Box
1B:Add Address Box
2A:Set A New Value That Is Unchangeing
2B:Set A New Value That Changes
2C:Make A Value Unchangeing
3A:Value Will NOT Change
3B:Value Will Change But Will Only Go Up
3C:Value Will Change But Will Only Go Down
3D:Set The Value Of The Chosen Vaule
3E:Tick If The User Is Allowed To Change The Value
4:Put In The Effect Of The Hack
5:Put In What Buttons They Have To Press In Order To Use The Hack

Now click on generate trainer and Save it And Where Done

Now for the editing trainer TUT
Bacily click on Design own user interface
1:>ADD Buttons<this is where you can add a button like about exit and use cheat 1,2,3,4...
2:>Cheat List<This will put all your cheats and commands into a big list
3:>Cheat<Put one cheat and its command on the trainer
4:>Add picture<You can use this to add pics to the trainer
5:>TEXT<Use This to add Text to it

For The People Who Dont Know How To Find Values Here is a small TUT.
Bring the game and Cheat Engine up,then click the computer on the top left corner.
If you are trying to hack a game you have downloaded it will be on PROCESS list, scroll down the list till you get to your game, click it and click Ok.
Follow these steps
1:Look at the value you want to hack.
2:put the value in CE Value box.
3:Click 1st scan Lots of values will apper on the side NOTE:The Lower the number the more values that will show up.
1:Play the game and change the value, mine is now 8.
Now change the CE value to the values new number.
MAKE SURE to press next scan not first scan this time.
You will now have around 1-5 values left, select them all and click the red poinerbelow to bring them lower and to the right into a new table.

1:Tick this to make it so the value NEVER changes.
2:Name The Value eg:Money Water Food ect.
Red pointer:this is its value click it to change it to whatever you want.NOTE:If you have lots of values change them all and put an extra 0 on the end of each one to find out witch value is the one you're looking for.
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PostSubject: Re: Cheat Engine Tutorial   Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:52 am

Nice work. But you should have some Screenshots or atleast a Video on how to make it.
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Cheat Engine Tutorial
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