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 FEAR 2 HACK (undetected)

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PostSubject: FEAR 2 HACK (undetected)   Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:15 pm

F.E.A.R 2: Mini Hack
By Roy


speedhack - Customized speed settings
fastrecover - Quick recovery speed from sprinting
nodrain - Don't drain energy when sprinting
recoil - Completely remove weapon spread and recoil
inventory - Weapon inventory hack allows more bullets than normal
longrange - Allows you to pickup items and weapons from anywhere, providing you can see it. Also allows you to teleport to ladders from anywhere if you point your mouse at it and move. (this feature is really fun)
strength - Ultra strength, not sure what this is used for yet...
quickammo - Removes the delay from ammo points allowing speedy topup of ammunition
pickupscope - Increases the view scope that weapon and item pickups can be "seen" in.
nofalldamage - Don't take any damage when falling/jumping of high things


LINK:www .cheat-project .com/cheats-hacks/1325/F.E.A.R-2:-Mini-Hack/ <<as usual remove the spaces

+rep me if i helped ^^

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FEAR 2 HACK (undetected)
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