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 Crysis 2 hax 1.9 (with source code)

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PostSubject: Crysis 2 hax 1.9 (with source code)   Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:14 am

Alright here are the rules:

F1 unlimited bullets
F2 infinite energy
F3 significant enemy ID
F4 recoil less scattering (including shotguns)
F5 fast climbing (do not install the Mobility the nanometer service functions, installed also will not be faster)
F6 free kick super shotgun, the first launch marbles increased to 25 rounds (official of 8 rounds) bullets cover the range 10.0 (Note: other gun recoil also be eliminated, bullets also super-fast rate of fire, because the control of these two a function of the function is all guns shared, not the shotgun unique, press the F6 do not think that the other guns are not cheating.)
F7 fast run
F8 gun firing rate ultrafast
F9 Run through walls
- Reduce the running speed (4 files)
Increase the running speed (4 files)
Special Features:
A randomly changing the number of shots (including front and rear stalls), finished killing a person can press the R key to fill the shells to prevent them from being caught cheating.
2, k-volt power bomb destruction range from 0.0 to 3.0 Taking a murder, would like the whole map murder can changed to 1.0 to the 8th power.
3, a birth can be used immediately maximumNanoSuit.

As most public no-clips won't let you run through all walls and often gets crashed or detected this will stay undetected guaranteed.

Virus scans:

This hack will also let you shoot people hiding in the walls.

Download: ?ma412i269bsfvlj



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Crysis 2 hax 1.9 (with source code)
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